In search of miniature 1911 touring cars... Kory Hellmer, Hank McGonagle
Judy Beers ... what happened to a few of the buildings...
Bill Bell Another Pleasure Islander has been flushed...
Bill Bliss ...
Money laundering the snow-cone receipts...
Gary B I was dumbfounded.
Larry Brown Life couldn't be much better...
Jim Callahan
..in Rio de Janeiro ...Michael Landon
Pete Chapman We never actually paid...
Rob Carbone
Kenny Luciani's small boat got to Star in the film Charlie...
Dave Ciampa ...stepped right through Moby.
Lauren Cochran
The Rifleman's son...
Elaine Coy ... I know what happened to Moby Dick...
Tom Cronin A favorite P.I. memory
Phil Davies ...allowed to ride up-front in the engine a few times
Andy DiDonato ...Mike Corbin dressed as the clown baby
Ray DiPirro I do have a few tidbits of info to add
Joan Pond Doten... we manned the First-Aid Station from a trailer
Gene Duffy... never knew the guy that shot me
Apollo Dukakis... my first opportunity to flex my acting muscles
Russell Duncan barnboard salvaged from Crooked House
Emmy one of my fondest childhood memories
Patty Fazio ... trying to pull Moby out of the swamp
Mary DiDonato Femino ...my father worked at Pleasure Island
Chuck Ferrara I lost a twenty dollar bill...
Marty Graham Welcome aboard, mates!
Judy Beebe Gummere My bosses were imported from Disneyland
Paul Hanlon
That is when the monkeys struck back.
Robert Haynes My grandparents lived by the RR track
Norma (Stafford) Hissong ....being kissed by my hero...
Paul Kandarian most vivid memories of childhood
Kevin K the last year it was open, 1969
Richard Krol How to start a whale (and more)
Douglas F. Kydd The Well Known and Lesser Known Trains of Pleasure Island
George LaCross ...theory that the dark rides were built by Arrow
Bill Lee
I remember it like yesterday..
Arthur Levine highlight of camp...
Andrew Lupien witnessed two men remove the dolphins from the pond
Sheila Lynch I was a "lavender girl"
Bob MacDonald "locomotives that later became Steam Town"
Ann Marsh "My Dad and Uncle helped build the crooked house"
Hank McGonagle "Dirty Sydney"
Frank McGrath "I remember what I did at Pleasure Island..."
Charles McManuis The animal farm...
Art Minklein We're passing by Sharkbait Shoals
Dick Morel Dion of Dion and the Belmonts at Stage Fort Park
Donna Lane-NELSON I tried to elope with another Rick Nelson
William Newell My experience lasted only a day in 1974...
Jim O'Brien We had great rivalries with the pirates
Dale Queenan "Fastest Gun in the East"
Bob Reid
My grandfather owned several acres of land encompassing Pleasure Island
Penny Morang Richards "wanted" posters
Robinson "to sleep in the loft in the barn"
Joe Scappace our memories will be a testament forever...
Bill Scott "Oab was a terrible boss..."
Michael G. Shanks ...a lot of laughs sneaking up behind "Dirty Sydney"
Charlie Sherman
i have such vivid memories
Jay Silverstein I was petrified!
Marianne Skomurski
I got an A on my Pleasure Island report...
Winston Stone
Hugh O'Brien (Wyatt Earp) was there...
Keith Sullivan
I always meant to go back...
T What a day, what a place
Linda Vasapolli wonderful times we had at...
Peter Vernaglia
I've seen the whale!
Lisa Vousboukis-Brown ...that crazy joker laugh

Tudi Watkins Stuck in that booth for 8 hours...
Annette Wiswall
Sharkey's Bar
Jack Woker
assigned to "boondoggling"
David Woodbury Car No. 1246
Jim Wright "Can you still smell the smoke from the train ride?"
Candy Daggett Young Daggett's Chocolate

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