Gary B

I visited Pleasure Island probably in the early sixties. I must have been about 10 or so. I thought it was great. Of course everyone remembers Moby Dick. I have vivid memories of the "crooked house". Outside, the water ran UP the downspout, and inside they demonstrated a bottle rolling UP a table. I was dumbfounded. The dark western ride was pretty scary, especially when someone was "hanged" right in front of you when you didn't expect it. I also remember the big curved slide coming out of the silo that you slid down on a piece of canvas. I vaguely remember a ride called the "Wreck of the Hesperus". We bought the postcards as well from a man in Lynnfield who advertised in the local paper about five years ago. I would love to see a park map or guide of some sort. We fish there quite often now in the remaining ponds, and I can't help but look around as I am standing there trying to picture where everything was. We have am autographed picture of Johnny Crawford (Mark McCain of "The Rifleman") on the stage there maybe from around 1960??. Maybe something else will come to mind in the days ahead. I wish everyone well with the search and reunion. ..........Gary B

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