Joe Scappace

I too have a lot of the similar memories of PI. Sneaking in; going there with field trips from the Molten playground summer group, and with the family. Kartland was always a favorite too. I remember the Marines Toy's for Tot's night (all you needed was an un-opened toy for admission) and even Major Mudd. He seems to be missing from a few stories. Remember the rocket that was built in the last year; that the winds' took away piece by piece? The last time I was there (1976) there wasn't a thing to remind you that such a place existed; 'cepting the parking lot with the big mound in the middle of it. Of course our memories will be a testament forever so how much more is needed? I hear there is an apartment complex or something similar there now? Living in the western part of the state now I don't get a chance to visit Wakefield much, but the next time I'm near I will stop for an icecream at Montrose and take a look; remembering. Good work on the site.

Sorry, but I have no photos at all; only the memories. Here's another bit of trivia for you. The B+M Railroad used to have PI trains. I know this because my Father worked on the RR as I do now.


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