Apollo Dukakis

Working at Pleasure Island was my first opportunity to flex my acting muscles out side of an acting class. I was 22 and playing an Irish Keystone cop--with moustache helmet and nightstick. I was very excited to be using an Irish brogue and was determined to convince one and all that I was really Irish. I think I did at least to a couple of dear elderly ladies who I like to think bought my novice act. I basically improvised and tried to use my method training from my acting teacher Alan J. Leavitt who was doing the hiring of similar talent for the park. It was a kind of thrill for me to be there doing my character and I always remember that experience.

I am still an actor here in Los Angeles where I live with my wife Maggie and my son Damon who is a sports administrator at Sacramento State college. Go figure. I do mostly theatre but have also done lots of TV and a couple of feature films. I was just in Providence at the Trinity Repertory theatre doing Tony Kushnner's new play HOMEBODY.


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