Phil Davies

I grew up in Wakefield, I'm 45 and now and live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have many fond memories of Pleasure Island. I remember sneaking in, which I regret, with Pete Kaskons, (sp), and heading over to the Moby Dick Ride. There was a guy who worked the ride, I think his name was Monty, who even let me do the routine and deliver the speech a few times to the paying customers. We got to know the train operators so well we even were allowed to ride up-front in the engine few times. I saw Rex Trailer, The Three Stooges, Major Mudd, Lassie, The Littlest Hobo - remember that dog? and a few other acts. Some great childhood memories, more than I could put and more than you would want to read in this email.

I ran into Peter Whiting, originally from Wakefield, who now lives in Switzerland, at a trade show this summer. Peter and I are the same age. We had a dinner together and spent about an hour talking about P.I. and the good times we had there as kids. Although I never went to the park with Peter we shared many of the same memories and experiences. I have talked to my kids, ages 10 and 13, about P.I. but I just can't get them to understand the magic of the place. I guess you had to be there, which I'm glad I was. It's funny I've been living in California since 1981 and I have run into 5 people that I knew from Wakefield, totally by accident.

Well the main reason for this email; I have 3 Yellow Pleasure Island Ride Tickets that you may be interested in. I think these tickets were used instead of cash to get onto the rides late in the parks life. Let me know if you want them for your exhibit. If you already have these tickets I will hold onto mine.

Well enough rambling let me know if you want the tickets.

Good Luck with your project. If you need any help on the Left Coast let me know.

Phil Davies pdavies@allteq.com
President Allteq Industries, Inc
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