William Newell

Wow! can I wake up now. Never in a million years would I ever dream I would see the likes of anything related to Pleasure Island. And now I found this site, all because I saw a post card collection of"Pleasure Island" on E-Bay.

My experience lasted only a day in 1974 aprox. August of 1974 I was hired by a neighbor from Lynn, Mass. to help take apart some buildings for some scrap lumber. Those buildings were on the grounds of Pleasure Island, next to the Moby Dick Tracks and Buildings related to the Moby Dick Operation. The buildings in the "What Came After" section of the Web sites pictures are the same I saw and worked on. I remember the burned out light house, the Shutter Bug building and the Moby Tracks,

To relive that one day in my life again has brought back a moment words can't explain. I remember the massive parking lot with rows of parking spaces waiting to be filled, the yellow lines still shining. Even though I spent only 1 day on "Pleasure Island" as bad as it looked then, it still had something about it that made you want to remember it, and remember it I do even 26 years later.

Please continue this fine site so all who have been there and those who have not will remember a great place in time.

William E. Newell wenewell@uswest.net

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