Annette Wiswall

I relayed your article to my brother-in-law, David Clark, of Clark's Trading Post in Lincoln, NH. Right now they are very busy winding down their season, but I can tell you this -David and his late brother Eddie went down to Pleasure Island after it closed and purchased some items as well as taking down some of the buildings there. One of those items was Sharkey's Bar (originally from North Station in Boston). That bar is now part of their ice cream counter in the Peppermint Saloon at Clark's Trading Post. I'm not really sure if they kept anything else intact from Pleasure Island, but he will think on it and at some point in time let you know.

If I should find out anything else, I'll let you know. I check EBAY all the time - you never know what you will find.

Good luck with the fund raising!

Annette Wiswall


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