Andy DiDonato

Seeing Larry Bugden reminded me that Larry taught me to ride the unicycle and I had taught Tom Worthley. One day Tom and I saw a ladder ( left out by the maintenance department) and the thought of the unicycles with the ladder was too good a combination. The band was dressed as clowns then. We decided to hold a mock fire department rescue in Western City. Tom and I grabbed a ladder and with a unicycle at each end we were the hook and ladder. I had the tail end for those big circles! Mike Corbin dressed as the clown baby was up on the roof over the Chisolm trail yelling for help. He had a yellow beach ball on an elastic tether. Jim Theobald dressed as the baby's mother was down on the wooden deck at ground level screaming "fire" and "save the baby" . While those of us on the ground clowned around getting caught with hoses, Russ Berube and Tom climbed the ladder to rescue the baby. When they got to the top of the ladder, Mike would take the beach ball on the elastic and wack them on.


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