Norma (Stafford) Hissong

I just received some clippings from Priscilla (DiDonato) Hendrick that included the P.I. website address. I live far away from Wakefield now, in Washington state, and I've enjoyed a wonderful trip down memory lane, seeing pictures and reading about the goings on at Pleasure Island. I've only just started exploring the site and look forward to looking at all of it. What a wonderful idea.

In 1964 and the beginning of 1965 I managed the pizza and sub stand, which was located right outside the Show Bowl. I loved working there and meeting many of my TV favorites: Clayton Moore (The Lone Ranger), Michael Landon (Little Joe on Bonanza at that time), Johnny Provost (Timmy on Lassie), Lassie herselves, The Littlest Hobo(s), Johnny Crawford (who played the son on The Rifleman) and the man who did the voices of cartoon characters.

I used to spend my lunch break riding the train, shoveling coal, and sounding the whistle.

We had some wonderful employee parties. I remember one, in particular, that Clayton Moore came to -- without his mask! He gave me one of his "silver" bullets. One of the thrills of my young life was being kissed by my hero, The Lone Ranger.

Johnny Provost was about 12 when he appeared there for a week, so I brought my little sister Kim to work with me and she spent the day running around the park with him.

My brother Arthur worked in the Lighthouse.

The last time I was at P.I. was in 1972 or '73, when I would sneak in with a friend. We would wander around in the evening and hang out awhile in the tree house. Thanks for the memories,

Norma (Stafford) Hissong nhissong@qwest.net

P.S. I think the guy who did Chuck Ferrara's caricature was probably Brendan Hanlon. If not, I bet Priscilla would know who it was.

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