Chuck Ferrara

Here's a note sent by Chuck Ferrara. The guy that Chuck asks about was the head of Maintenance at Pleasure Island, Walter Sherman. Walter had a crusty exterior but a heart (and sense of humor) of Gold. Walter died in October 1983. Bill Valentine

hi, yup! i did. wow what a honor. (yeah right!) :) reunion? i lost a twenty dollar bill next to the merry go round (where i worked) hope someone that goes to the renunion who found it will give it back. summer after our junior year...on the way to being seniors. met a girl from salem named kathy. er...nice girl. what a memory i have, huh guys and gals? can't remember supper tho. ciao all. if anyone else did work there i would like to hear from them. who was the old codger, grump, the chiefr mechaninc that ran that end of the business? anyone remember? ciao all.


hi all,

wow. this brings back memories like a raging river! what a fun time. i worked the slide, the merry go round, the old electric cars and even the donkey ride. (this is when i knew i did not want to work with animals on a ranch. hated cleaning the stalls)

but waht a happy summer. the summer before i graduated (64/65) i remember an artist there who did my characature. i wish i could remember his name. nice guy. very popular with the customers and staff alike..

then there were the girls. i met and dated a few that summer. it was great. i have always thot that all kids should work in an amusement park at least once in thier lives. my kids never did. i wish they had.

anyway. i remember that a pic was taken of me that i have somewhere...wish i could find it...was taken of me workin the slide. like i said...wish i coudl find it. i also remember one near tragedy...on the slide. if u remember...there was a TREE, yes a tree, right at the end of the slide. there was a pregnant woman that somehow got to "ride" down. i did not know she was pregnanct and don't know if the guy up top knew. well, i missed her! (groan) i have no idea how...but i was numb.how she missed the tree, god only knows. i remember that day and it still chills me. i often wonder what became of mother and child. i fear the kid grew up to become a REPUBLICAN...and it might have been my fault. :)

anyway. just wanted to share this with all of u. my name and phone number follows. if anyone remember me or worked there during the summer of 64/65, feel free to e or call. ciao. and good luck with the renunion plans.

i will look forward to info.


781 245 0077

ps if anyone has a pic of a guy with glasses workin the slide...i bet it was me. pls let me know. thanks. CIAO, CHUCK

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