Rob Carbone

I have a P.I. Memory I'd like to share. The time was 1968/1969. I was in Montrose School and my best friend Kenny Luciani had connections with Walter Sherman, his Dad Frank Luciani was good friends with Walter so we never had to hop or pay to get into P.I.

But I do remember him and I on the Moby Dick Ride and seeing either Indians or jungle tribesmen ( motionless guys with spears I think) and speakers that made Jungle / Indian sounds. Anyway the funny thing was seeing kids from school that hopped the fence sneaking in near these Indian / Tribal guys.

Also I had my first job there after it closed. Walter Sherman asked Mr.Luciani if his son and some friends would like to dig a trench to dig up some cable he had to remove. So me and my friend Kenny spent about 9 or 10 hrs. digging this trench from the area near the lighthouse to the waters edge. I dont remember how long the trench was but we started by breaking the tar first( Mr. Luciani & Mr. Sherm helped us.Then went off for breakfast ( Louies train depot near L. B. Evans ) they got us breakfast and lunch and they paid us $50.00 each, not bad cash for a 13/14 year old.

One last thing was Kenny Luciani's small boat got to " Star" in the film Charlie. We would always look for the shot of his boat in the movie.

Anyway take care and keep up the good job with this web page.

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