I worked at PI the last year it was open,1969. I did a couple of jobs-worked in the china shoppe, on the grounds crew and at the farm slide.

I was born in 1953 and I grew up in Wakefield, on Nahant ST.. My parents took me to PI a couple of times as a treat for my birthday, a couple of years in a row. I remember how awesome it seemed to a youngster.

How many of us who lived in the area remember hearing the train whistle throughout the summer season?

How about Christmas times when the park was open at night, for free ,if you brought a toy or game for the Marine's Toys For Tots! Remember all the lights?!

I see from reading other entries that someone remembers that Old Smokey was loaned from Edaville RR. The train station was the original Greenwood station building, I recall watching it travel up Main St. when it was moved.

If its of any interest I know someone who claims to have the original whale from the Main St. fountain.

I hope there is a reunion, the place has a lot of memories for everyone.

K- Tewksbury

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