Bob Reid

I worked with Walter at the first opening as there were many problems in the plumbing. I was only there for a few days as one of us was needed back at the shop. Walter being the senior and a licensed plumber (I was an apprentice at the time ) was the one who stayed on and eventually left Taylors and went to work for the Pleasure Island people permanently.

Prior to that, my family owned a "right of way strip of land" which had to be dealt with. At one time my grandfather owned several acres of land encompassing Pleasure Island that also housed a slaughter house for pigs. He was also Inspector of Pigs/Hogs in the early 1900's. I spent many a Sunday afternoon viewing the decayed remains of the buildings in the 1930's. (This was a Sunday afternoon walk).

Bob Reid bobolink-rose@webtv.net

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