Mary (DiDonato) Femino

My name is Mary and my father worked at Pleasure Island.

As a matter of fact the picture on the website (Bill the guard on left).. the man standing next to him (center in picture) is my father, John DiDonato...
He is also in a picture with Jack Rennie and Henry Rufo... He worked as a carpenter/maintenance there....

I have many fond memories of Pleasure Island. I went there with my dad a lot...I had other ties also... Priscilla Hendrick, Andy DiDonato and Sam Donato are my cousins...

I will never forget the day I went there with my dad.. I think I was about 7 or 8 years old..Priscilla was dressed up like the clown and Priscilla and Sam dressed me up to look like a small version of her...I walked around the park ,pulling a big yellow duck on wheels with her. It was one of the best memories I have.

I remember one of the chimps broke his leg and my dad made him chimp size crutches. I will never forget that..

I have a mug from Pleasure Island that has a sketch of me on one side with my name and on the other side the words Pleasure Island and a sketch of Moby Dick. It makes it so much more special because my cousin Priscilla Hendrick drew it for me at the park..

Oh by the way, I remember Walter Sherman very much! I know he seemed gruff but I remember him very fondly. He was always nice to me (and I was there a lot!) and he was a very good friend of my father's....

I am so glad I saw this site...... Please let me know if you would like my mug for the collection or at least a picture of it... Thanks,


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