Ray DiPirro

My name is Ray DiPirro. I live in Nashua, NH but I am originally from Melrose, and before that Somerville. I am a 44 year old visitor. I have a copy of the article from The Middlesex East dated 9/13-14. Would be very interested in helping preserve the records and memories of Pleasure Island. Would also like to share my stories, memories, postcards, photos and memorabilia as well.

My address & phone is: 210-17 Brook Village Road Nashua, NH 03062 603-897-0853 (after 6:00 m-f) Answering machine will be on, so start talking & if I am home I will pick up. e-mail: rdipirro@ipbm.com rdipirro@yahoo.com

I do have a few tidbits of info to add: The narrow guage train was on loan from Edaville Railroad. The Moby Dick photo in the memorabilia section looks more like he's being put in rather than taken out. Notice the lack of trees, bushes, etc..Plus if he was being taken out, he'd be in a lot worse condition after being submerged all these years. I do have a story to tell about Moby Dick. About 20+ years ago a friend told me about a time when he was working for a company near the Pleasure Island property and employees would go & eat lunch there. One day while eating his lunch by a pond, he saw a guy in a scuba suit come out of the water like a bullet. When my friend asked what happened, the guy said that when he was underwater, he came face to face with a giant eye!! Apparently he had run into Moby Dick!! He may still be there. Hope to hear from someone. If not, I will stop at the booth on Sept.30.....

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