Sheila Lynch

Hi there,

Saw your letter in the Metrowest News and it brought back memories! I really have no materials to offer - but I do have memories.

I worked at PI for a summer during college. I think it was 1960 but could have been 61. I was a "lavender girl" - selling anything that looked (or reeked) like lavender in The Lavender Shop. We sold mainly lavender cosmetics (soaps, sachets, etc.) but did have some unique lavender lamps I recall. Every morning we had to sprinkle lavender scent all over the shop (including on the sachets) so it was an overwhelming job, in terms of the nose!

As the summer came to an end, I remember how the employees underwent role reversals for fun. The sheriff definitely held up and robbed the train. I don't know what the innocent pre-schoolers thought about that! We also had a great employees cook-out one evening after the park closed. We had the run of the park and it was a really fun evening.

Good luck with your project.

Sheila Lynch

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