Tudi Watkins

I worked at Pleasure Island during the summers of 1961 and 1962 as a ticket sales person in one of those little booths in one of those giant, old-fashioned dresses.

I enjoyed looking at the pictures on the Wakefield website. However, I have to admit that the whole thing is a very hazy memory. I do remember stars that came, etc. but not much about the park itself. Since I was stuck in that booth for 8 hours, I guess that is why I never wandered around the park very much. I do remember that I did not like my boss very much. Can't remember her name. She was always putting me on the night shift because I was engaged to Bob (1962) and he was overseas. Really irritated me! She assumed because I was not dating, that nights were for me. I remember that Herb Currier worked there and probably Artie may have as well although he might have worked for his father at the auto body shop.

I honestly don't think I would be too interested in a reunion because of my vague remembrances. I remember Gail Davidson worked at the gate as well I think. Other than that, I don't remember very much.

Tudi (Emily) Watkins


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