Frank McGrath

After forty years my memory fades but I remember what I did at Pleasure Island:

1959: Clean-up and horseless carriage
1960-61 Moby Dick
1962 Water buffalo

I can't come up with many names off-hand but Phil Maci was in charge of the horseless carriages my first year, John D'Amico and Bob Choate were also on the Moby Dick ride, Linda Johannsen's younger sister was on sno-cones in 1962 and I think Dana Kelly worked on the Carousel in 1960. Lou Collucci, shown with Walt Sherman and Volpe, was assistant principle at Wakefield High and in charge of hiring the first year.

I was never at Pleasure Island after 1962 but that was the first year of the Water Buffalo. Bob Holt and I drove it. I think Mort Holloway took over if one of us was unavailable. My mother talked to Mrs. Holt after Bob's death and told me Mrs. Holt would like to talk to me. I'd only met Mrs. Holt once and felt ill-at-ease talking about her son so I never followed through. When I've thought about Bob through the years I've regretted it.

I was surprised to see Dick Morel listed as a worker. He was my closest friend in high school and he must have worked at Pleasure Island after I left.

What I remember most about Pleasure Island is falling for a blond who sold snow cones. She was my first love.


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