Paul Kandarian

Hi: Just saw the little blurb about Pleasure Island in today's Boston Globe and had to write. Some of my most vivid memories of childhood are of Pleasure Island, particularly because my father was an 8mm nut in those pre-camcorder days and took shaky home movies of virtually everything. I had a bunch of films put to video for him years ago, and the reel of us at Pleasure Island was one of them, with the Pirate Ride (and Capt. Hook, I believe, enacting a fake battle in the sand before dozens of wide-eyed children), Moby Dick, of course, the stagecoach ride, a cowboy fight...so seeing your site really brought back the memories. I don't know if you could use that tape of the old movies my dad made of PI, but if you can just let me know, I'll try to rustle it up and get it to you. I'm not that far away, I live in Taunton, and would like to help memorialize such a great place that surely has to be one of New England's, if not the country's most fun, pre-Disney theme parks (I grew up near Rhode Island, we had Rocky Point and Crescent Park).

Thanks again for triggering the trip down memory lane.

Paul Kandarian


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