Jim Wright

I wanted to take a moment and share some memories.

I grew up and lived in Wakefield from 1958 to 1976. This website brings back so many memories for me. Not only when the park was open but even after it closed.

I'm 43 now but I can remember so vividly seeing Moby Dick, or walking through the crooked house and wondering in amazement on how that water seemed to flow up hill. As a little boy I tried so hard to drive the Jenney Cars without having it touch the rail in the middle that guided the car. I was really driving!!!

Can you still smell the smoke from the train ride? Feel the breeze blowing on your face from a warm summer day as it rode along clickity clack? How about standing in line at Kartland and trying to guess which car was the fastest and hoping you could be the one to get it. Spin Art, Kartland, Shooting Gallery, it goes on and on. I dreamed of living in the treehouse. Was that pirates cove? I can't remember.

It was so sad to see the place close down. Like most kids that lived nearby, I sneaked in once or twice, walk around, and sadly saw the place deteriorate over time. (The guard or caretaker never seemed to see us or care. I think we got chased once, but maybe it was our imagination.)

I believe it was in 1974 or 75, the senior class from Wakefield high had a "Senior skip day". I was in the class of 76, but I skipped anyways. A large group of us probably 20 or more went to PI. Choosing PI to celebrate leaving High School and our childhood, even if it was vacant and picked over, was like saying so long.

We grew up as a PI kids. It was our childhood. We were innocent and PI was our wonderland.

I live in Wisconsin now and my daughter is a senior. I wish she had a place like that in her memory. (She has been to Disney a few times, but that memory is probably not as personal) Seeing your website has brought back so many memories from Wakefield and my childhood. I wanted to give you my little memory to possibly share. I'll bet there are hundreds more stories like mine out there just waiting to be told.

Thank you


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