Dave Ciampa

My name is Dave from Reading,ma. I loved the the story in the herald fri. about pleasure island.I am only 39 years old so you remember a lot more than I do. But years after the park closed friends and I would go up there to look around from time to time.I remember 1 day going there and the old gates were still up among the tall grass. I remember my friend seeing moby dick in the field,he went to stand on it and his foot went right through it . I would say this was about 2-5 years after it was closed ,thats the last thing I remember about moby dick. The only thing I saw in the past 5 years or so was little tracks going into the pond we moby used to be slid in and out,you still could see them from the sidewalk. But anyway thanks for the memories and I look forward to seeing more about this. dave


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