Pleasure Island Attractions
1966 Photo from John Gavreau (on left)
  1966 Photo from John Gavreau (on left)  
1966 Photo from John Gavreau (holding child)
  1966 Photo from John Gavreau (holding child)  
Slide from William Drury of Chelmsford
Wurlitzer believed to be from the Pleasure Island Carousel now at Clark's Trading Post, Lincoln, New Hampshire. Ray DiPirro Photo  
Eddie Gaudreau (Printed in August 1968)


I was sent the Pleasure Island site by a fellow carousel historian - what a great site! She used to go there - now, I can too, thanks to all of the images and documentation. I am sure the animals from the carousel survived and are now in collections, but I have never seen any images of the carousel as a unit. Do you know if copy prints are available from the Wakefield Historical Society? If so, you you have their address? The New England Carousels site comment that appears with the photo of Nick Davis on the carousel - this is another fellow carousel historian - Alan MacInnes. My interest is like his and yours - preserving the memories of....the large horse in the close up photo is the work of Daniel Muller. The rest of the horses showing appear to be (Charles) Carmel's. Where was this carousel before Pleasure Island? - right now, I can't find anything, but I am searching.

Barbara Williams
Former Archivist, National Carousel Association


Nick Davis on Carousel, 1965

Painted PoniesThe Muller carousel horse pictured above has been magnificently restored and is now at home in New Mexico. It can be found in Marianne Stevens: Painted Ponies, available from (If you buy this book through this link, your purchase helps support the Friends of Pleasure Island web site.)


Carousels of New England Web Site

"frame of a portable carousel appears in the 1968 movie Charly, no figures on it, had overhead jumping mechanism" (Page no longer available)

From Walter Sherman's Photos at the Wakefield Historical Society


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