Pleasure Island Attractions
Photo of Pleasure Island's silo and slide from a book about lost amusement parks of Rhode Island. The authors thought the slide was added at Crescent, but as we know it had already been attached in 1960. Lewis, Rob and Young, Ryan.Rhode Island Amusement Parks (American Century Series). Charleston, SC: Arcadia. 1998. 128p.  
The end of the ride... Hunt family photos from 1964

Ronnie Keshishian from Watertown coming in for a landing in 1963

Drawing before the park opened (Image from Bill Walsh)
  Barn Shot by Marilyn Peters from 19621962  
1961 Brochure Cover
Nick Davis with Fawn in 1963
1962 Slide from Gail Rivers
  Mary Kay Galvin at the Hood Barn Snack Bar, 1959
  I also remember one near tragedy...on the slide. if u remember...there was a TREE, yes a tree, right at the end of the slide. there was a pregnant woman that somehow got to "ride" down. i did not know she was pregnanct and don't know if the guy up top knew. well, i missed her! (groan) i have no idea how...but i was she missed the tree, god only knows. i remember that day and it still chills me. i often wonder what became of mother and child. Chuck Ferrara  


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