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I filled in a few times on the Burro ride and remember turning around to see that a saddle had loosened and one of the children was suspended upside down between the burros legs. Funny thinking back on it and the safety strap even then kept that kid from falling from his saddle. Bill Young 1965,66,69  

Sandy Crane of Saugus on a burro near the gold-panning station in 1961



"I remember the burro train, located behind Western City. It was a train of burros (donkeys) tied one behind the other, that traveled a circular trail. Of course, the burros carried only small children. The operator rode the first burro and led the train around the trail.

I also remember that the small children sat in regular saddles that had a leather belt attached to rings in the saddle, that went around the rider's waist. This was supposed to be a safety belt, to prevent them from falling off the burro. After a few weeks into the season, the operators inevitably became complacent and a little bored, and just rode the lead burro, sometimes not looking back at the children.

I vividly remember some incidents when the burro train would come back again on the trail, and I would see some small children hanging off the side of the saddle, suspended by the safety belt. One or more might be hanging upside down, with their head under the burro's belly. The safety belt worked, and the kids seemed to have a great time.

Both the burros and the ride operator never seemed to be bothered, always having the same bored expression."

Art Minklein, Pleasure Island Employees Yahoo Group

  1959 Slide from Carleton Kenerson  
1961 Slide from Gail Rivers
From Mary Mahoney's Scrapbook at the Wakefield Historical Society
  Horace, as drawn by Priscilla DiDonato Hendrick 1959?  

by Priscilla DiDonato Hendrick
aka "Lady Nell" "Gia the Gypsy"
1967 Park Brochure


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