from Steve Tremblay

Anybody want to guess what year these were taken? Locations?

  • after August 1976 (John Toz)
  In August 1976, the schooner was destroyed after being burnt three times but the ship was not like this. At low water, this is about what it looks like today, however there is in this photo a pipe in front of the ship. I think that it was the anchoring pipe for the canoe that the boats circled around. This photo angle looks like it was taken from a boat in the pond. (John Toz)  
Remains of Old Smokey
The water trestle taken from the burro ride side. (John Toz)
  The land trestle right side only. The pirate side of the pond is in the left backround. The left side of the land trestle is missing, however, the cement column standing alone in the center of the photo, looks like it and someone salvaged it and stood it up. Very strange souvenir.  (John Toz)  
  Two sets of a-frames, three in each row, purpose unknown, looks like metal construction. To the left of the a-frames is a white triangle on a gray cement square. The a-frames were either moved or there are more than one set. To the right of the a-frames is another cement block in the backround, that could be main street and to the right of that looks like the shrubs that were in front of the ice cream parlor. (John Toz)  
  This could be the cement tortoise cage in the animal farm. There is one set of A-frames to the right of it in the background.(John Toz)  
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