Pleasure Island Attractions
The "Modernnaires" at the Showbowl in
August 1962 from Steve Garfield
  Clown & Kids, August 1962 from Steve Garfield  
The Lone Ranger on Silver at the Show Bowl in 1964 from Ken Hunt's Family
Silver Lone Ranger
  "But Pleasure Island recently brought me great distinction with my 11 year old son. He had just received his first Three Stooges video and as we watched it, I proudly told him that I had appeared on stage with the trio. It occurred at the Show Bowl in 1959 or 60. The Stooges, with Moe, Larry, Curley-Joe (Derita), invited three kids on stage, dressed us as babies and conducted a contest to see who among us could empty a baby bottle full of milk through a rubber nipple. I fortunately discovered that if you just let the milk slide out through the enlarged hole, you could avoid constricting the flow by sucking on it. My prize was a plastic model of a knight in arms and the short-lived awe of my son. "Larry Brown  
  Detail from a photo printed in the Boston Globe May 27, 1962 — The Three Stooges being driven away from the Show Bowl. It was taken by House of Photography, probably in 1960 or 1961.  
From 1961 Brochure
Chuck Connors, The Rifleman, 1961
Slide from Gail Rivers

  Pleasure Island brings back lots of fond memories. The staff would stand at the back or sit on the rear fence for the evening shows. Ricky Nelson put on a great show in the summer of '62. Billed as a special event, it was memorable for more than the music: the Lord Wakefield cut up and sold one inch squares from his bedsheets, and that tidbit got a lot of play in the local newspapers and had our parents wondering what would become of our generation. But some of the "lesser" shows were fabulous as well. I particularly remember Tex Beneke and what was essentially the remainder of the Glenn Miller Orchestra (to include the Modernaires), and went to every show for a week. I still think of those balmy summer nights in the PI "Show Bowl" every time I put on a Glenn Miller CD. Bill Bell  
Show Bowl Mr. Sweep? 1962
Slide from Gail Rivers

"Lady Nell" Priscilla DiDonato, Sheriff Rick, Al Valletta, "Hobo" Brendan Hanlon on stage at the Showbowl in 1965 Photo from Priscilla DiDonato Hendrick
The Royal Hannaford Circus at home on stage in the Showbowl, 1965
from Walter Sherman's Photo Collection at the Wakefield Historical Society

Bob Weatherwax and Lassie, 1967
Photo from Priscilla DiDonato Hendrick

Rickie Nelson, 1967
Photo from William Strogilis

Rickie Nelson, 1967
Photo from William Strogilis

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