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  We have it on good authority that this space rocket never did work. The full story needs to be told.  

The story above and the image to the left are from the Pleasure Island GAZETTE, 1967, copies donated by Richard Krol and Shirley Brown

Photocopy of image in the Boston Globe library taken February 3, 1970 by Paul J. Connell. We are trying to locate the photographer to acquire permission for the Globe to reproduce this for us.


1967 Park Brochure Cover

  The beginning of the Major Mud show showed the rocket that was built by the front entrance. This thing had to be close to 100 feet high, and could be seen from any of the high points in town like Breakheart. I don't think the ride ever opened, although I had been inside it. One winter a person was found inside it frozen to death. I think it was the following summer that it was dismantled and taken away somewhere. Pete Chapman  
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