Pleasure Island Attractions
More 1959 Staff Identified by John Connell

Taken in 1959 at Hood's Ice Cream Parlor
Courtesy of Donald Graham

First Row: ? ? Marge Bresnahan, MR. LABOURIE, Carol Carney of Wakefield, Bud Flynn of Reading

Second Row: ANGEL COSTELLO from Swampscott, Gail Kearns from Charlestown, Polly Albert from Wakefield, ? Barbara Titus from Wakefield, KAREN LABOURIE, ? ? PEGGY O'BRIEN LAPIERRE from Reading, Pam Nelson from Wakefield, DENISE COSTELLO from Swampscott, Donald Graham, Kevin Hurton of Wakefield

Third Row: ?, Roberta Barrar from Wakefield, ?, Rosemary Mahoney White from Wakefield, Dottie HortonMcCormack from Wakefield, Geraldine Tarlowski Graney from Wakefield (met and married Bob Graney top row, still married, living in Billerica), Barbara Sample of Melrose, Susan Clark of Reading, Mary K. Galvin of Wakefield, ?, ?, JEAN CRAVEN from Malden, Barbara Hermann Taylor of Reading

Fourth Row: PAUL MAWN, ?, DAVE ELDRIDGE of Winchester, ?, Bud Flynn, Jr. of Reading, Bob Graney, GREG DONOVAN, Dick Healy, John Connell, Skip Burns of Wakefield, Bob Holt of Reading, Lou Collucci of Wakefield, DAVE EVANS from Reading, ?, WALTER ZARELLA

John Gavreau with his children in 1966.
Burro & friend on their way into the ice cream parlor in 1959.
from the Thibaults

I worked at PI during the opening season in 1959 at the Hood gay 90's ice cream palor as a soda jerk. I grew up in Lynn but my familiy had moved to Woburn 2 years previously. I had just graduated from Malden Catholic that June of 1959 and started Harvard College as a freshman in September of 1959. I never had a chance to return after that summer and often wondered what happened to PI. It was a great summer not the lease of which were all the girls working at the Ice Cream parlor including one Peggy O'Brien from Reading that I had a crush on & dated. I am in the picture on your site showing the crew of the Ice Cream Parlour which was taken during the first couple weeks of the fromal opening. Later Paul E. Mawn


by Priscilla DiDonato Hendrick
aka "Lady Nell" "Gia the Gypsy"


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