Pleasure Island Attractions

Bill Valentine obtained these five Kartland pix from Vicki Sperry Wheeler who was the ticket girl at Kartland during the 1969 season. All these pictures are from 1969, the final year of business.

John Guiney atop the Kartland ticket booth.
  Vicki Sperry Wheeler and Chuck Hanoosh at Kartland. Note the PI maintenance building, rocket ride and the front gate in background.  
John Guiney at Kartland ticket booth
Chuck Hanoosh at Kartland
Go-Karts at Kartland 1969
Ronnie Keshishian from Watertown in 1963
Ronnie Kashishian from Watertown in 1963
Pleasure Island GAZETTE, 1967
Copies donated by Richard Krol and Shirley Brown


1967 Images from Bill Valentine

"Don DeCesaris, Judy Martino (donít know married name but sheís in the Wakefield area) and me at Kartland in 1967. If we could find Judy Martino, Iíd like to re-create this picture 33+ years later."

Below, "John Guiney and his cousin Miles (donít know last name) at Kartland."



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