Pleasure Island Attractions
1966 image of John Gavreau's daughter  
Austin and Brendon Allocco posing in the Bourdon's Studio 1959 Prop at Wakefield's Homecoming, October 29, 2001.  
Johnny, John Alan, & Debbie D'Amico aboard Pequod, Jr.  
Ann (Mercurio) Strykowski and Louise (Mercurio) Langlois 1964  
  From the 1960 Goldpan Gulch Gazette
"You can borrow a camera at
Bourdon's Clipper Cove
Camera Shop"
1961 Photo from Sandy Crane

Posing in front of the camera shop, 1963
Ronnie Basmajian & His Mom
John & Lesley Basmajian
Image from John Toczydlowski


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