Pleasure Island, Wakefield, Massachusetts, 1959-1969

News Articles


Before 1959

New England's Answer to Disneyland Opens in May by Paul F. Kneeland, Real Estate Editor A.M. GLOBE OCT 9 1958 Photo


Locomotive Big Attraction Here En Route to P.I. DAILY ITEM
FEB 26, 1959  
Pleasure Gains Tiny Train from Ireland   1959  
Pleasure Isle Opens in June;
Moby Dick to Swim in Wakefield Soon
A.M. GLOBE MAR 27 1959 Photo
1,200,000 to Visit Pleasure Island
Seen Boon to Business
A.M. GLOBE APR 9 1959 Photo
Wakefield Plans Pleasure Island Opening June 22 HERALD APR 27 1959  
Hood Co. Names Manager for Pleasure Island   May 4, 1959  
Top Hollywood, Television Stars Flying Here For Pleasure Island Opening; Charity Premiere, Sunday, Will Benefit Boys' Club of Boston DAILY ITEM
JUN 16, 1959  
Rigid Training for Pleasure Islanders DAILY ITEM
JUN 18, 1959  
2500 Hail Opening of Pleasure Island HERALD JUN 22, 1959 Photo
Moby Dick Surfaces for 10,000 Viewers at Pleasure Island A.M. GLOBE JUL 6 1959  
Wal, Blow Us Down—Landlubbers Got Moby Dick's Spout Too Far Aft, Matey Unknown 1959? Photo
Seeing Men Gunned Sets One Thinking; by Wayne Hanley HERALD AUG 2 1959 Photo
Diamond Lil Rows Boat to Pleasure Island Job SUN GLOBE AUG 10 1959  
Pleasure Island To Be Open Only On Week-Ends SUN GLOBE SEP 13 1959  


Korda Plans to Make Offer To Pleasure Island Creditors A.M. GLOBE JAN 8, 1960  
Pleasure Island Creditors Offered 20% Settlement P.M. GLOBE JAN 11, 1960  
Pleasure Island Bought by Three Businessmen P.M. GLOBE May 1, 1960  
Pleasure Island Reopens on June 18 The Boston Herald May 5, 1960 Large Version
Antics of Three Stooges to Open Pleasure Island's Season June 18 A.M. GLOBE MAY 25 1960  
Wakefield Took Massive Precautions Against Riot at Jazz Festival There SUN GLOBE AUG 28 1960  
Raw-Edge Jazz Sorely Missed At Wakefield SUN GLOBE AUG 28 1960  


Popeye'll Be Star Again At Pleasure Island Park A.M. GLOBE JUN 23 1961  
Spring Checkup DAILY ITEM
MAR 22 1961 Photo
Pleasure Island Will Open May 6 With New Rides DAILY ITEM
MAY 3 1961  
Pleasure Island Open Every Day Starting June 24 DAILY ITEM
JUN 20 1961  

Luau Is Held at Pl. Island


SEP 6 1961  


Pleasure Island Opens June 22 SUN GLOBE APR 29 1962  
Nelson Opens Park SUN GLOBE JUN 10 1962 Photo
Ricky Nelson Stars At Pleasure Island A.M. GLOBE JUN 24 1962  
Lucky Lasses DAILY ITEM
JUN 26 1962 Photo
Star's Secret Is Well Kept at the Lord Wakefield DAILY ITEM
JUN 26 1962 Photo
Memorable Time Here for Star DAILY ITEM
AUG 13 1962  
AUG 15 1962 Photo
Pleasure Island's Olympics Winners To Visit Capital A.M. GLOBE SEP 3 1962  


Looking for a Name: Baby Burro TRAVELER May 1, 1963 Photo

Pleasure Island Honors Mothers

A.M. GLOBE MAY 11, 1963  
Girl Pipers P.M. GLOBE MAY 25, 1963  
Family Day GLOBE JUL 13 1963  


Pleasure Island To Fete Fathers With Free Cigars HERALD JUN 20 1964  
Teen-Age Talent This Week-End P.M. GLOBE AUG 26, 1964  
Beverly Comes Up With a Horse for the Lone Ranger SUN GLOBE AUG 30 1964  


Pleasure Island Christmas Show To Start Tonight GLOBE? ???  


Pleasure Island Opening SUN GLOBE APR 24 1966  
Thrills for Youngsters, Adults at Pleasure Island SUN GLOBE MAY 9 1966 photos


Pleasure Is. to Open SUN GLOBE JUN 25 1967  
Pleasure Island Park Opens P.M. GLOBE NOV 20 1967  


Pleasure Island presents TV's Bunker Hill A.M. GLOBE JUL 12 1968  


Pleasure Island sold for $1.7M GLOBE APR 21, 1969  

After 1969

Pleasure Island zone change bid made by builder P.M. GLOBE FEB 6, 1970  
Manager picked for proposed Pleasure Island development SN GLOBE FEB 6, 1970  
The dream that failed; It was to be the Northeast's "Disneyland"; In 10 years the dream became a nightmare; by David Alan Yetman HERALD Pictorial Living Coloroto Magazine

JUN 20 1976

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Beebe Library Program on 'Pleasure Island'

Pleasure Island anniversary; It sure was fun while it lasted, by Janet Constakes DAILY ITEM? c1994 Picture
Anniversary story ? c1994 Photos
Pleasure Island revival; At Saturday's Homecoming DAILY ITEM SEP 25, 2000  
Fishing for history: The search goes on for Moby Dick at defunct Pleasure Island theme park by Christopher Cox Boston Herald OCT 20, 2000  
Groundbreaking for the office buildings which will cover the last of the park Daily Item October 19, 2000 [architectural rendering of buildings]
PEAKS & VALLEYS By B.J. Roche, Globe Staff, 10/22/2000 Boston Globe 10/22/00  
WHALE-TALES: One roadside fixture of the old Route 128 was the billboard in Wakefield with the smiling Moby Dick. This meant you were approaching Pleasure Island, and it was time to nag your parents. PI was pretty tame compared to, say, Six Flags, but seductive all the same. The park died in 1969; an upscale office park now sits atop its bones. (Sharkey's Bar is now part of the Peppermint Saloon at Clark's Trading Post in Lincoln, N.H.) Local Bob McLaughlin is compiling an oral history of Pleasure Island, and he wants your stories: Read others at www.wakefieldonline.com.      
Pleasure Island: A tragical history tour by Jill Anderson Wakefield Observer November 1, 2000  
Pleasure Island treasure hunt by Jill Anderson Wakefield Observer November 8, 2000  




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