Civil War Demonstration, August 17, 1969

  Photocopies of images in the Boston Globe library taken by Frank Wing, (Globe photographer?). The Globe print date is 8/19/69

Capt. Alfred S. Goscinak of Boston uses the ram rod in a demonstration mock battle using authentic civil war cannon made in 1857, a Dahogren Boat Howitzer, at Pleasure Island.
Sargent Cornelius J. O'Brien of Cambridge fires an authentic musket from the civil war era in a demonstation at Pleasure Island of civil war artillery and mock battle.
  Firing of authentic civil war canon at Pleasure Island demonstration-mock battle. The cannon is an 1857 Dahogren Boat Howitzer. There was also a musket demonstration and a mock battle. (We hope to be able to purchase a copy of this photo.)  



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