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Donated by Ed Murray

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The email which nailed the year of this flyer... first to last.

* The Mystery Poster is from 1962. The poster says the park is open daily through Labor Day and open on weekends from Sep 8 through Sep 30. * In 1962, Labor Day was on Sep 3. Sep 8 was a Saturday and Sep 30 was a Sunday. * The one other year these dates/days aligned between 1959-69 was 1967. * In the poster it talks about "The President's Youth Fitness Program". The president they referred to was Kennedy. * Kennedy was dead in 1967. Therefore, the poster must be from 1962. Bill Valentine

I'd be willing to bet that poster is from 1962. "Car 54 Where Are You" ran only 2 seasons--from September 1961 to September 1963. The show wasn't on the air yet in 1961, and it seems unlikely that the producers would have had their stars touring in 1963 to promote a show that was being canceled. Then again, "Wyatt Earp" ended in September 1961. (But these western shows were all the rage at the time, and the show may have still been on in repeats.) Still, it seems most likely that the year was 1962, based on the TV shows whose stars appear in the poster. DrTelevision@netscape.net

The "mystery poster" was definitely 1962. I was working selling tickets in the booth during this particular summer. I remember Jimmy Dean very well. When he was performing there, he asked some of us girls what we were doing after work. About four of us had planned to go to Gail Davidson's house to play cards. He suggested that we join him at the go karts first so we had a chance to do the go karts after hours with Jimmy Dean. He then invited himself along to join us at Gail's. It did not take him long to become interested in one of the girls. He spent the rest of the evening in the kitchen making out with her while the rest of us played cards! He was married with children at that time. I do remember the rest of the performers listed as well. Tudi Adams Watkins

Indian Village, as shown on the poster, was only active for a few years, like '61 to 63', so 1962 sounds good. Dave Dulong, ex-Indian

1962 was the year of the mystery poster. I worked at the food concessions and sold balloons that summer and remember some of the entertainers well--swooned over Ricky Nelson, killed a mosquito on Muldoon's nose (from Car 54 Where Are You)--and Jimmy Dean's publicity manager asked me out. He wanted to take me to dinner at the Colonial, but my mother said, "NO". After reading Tudi Wakins e-mail - Mom was right. Marge Petrilli

The best that I can contribute probably isn't much other than to say early 60's-I can remember seeing Jimmy Dean at the park (not long after "Big Bad John" was a hit). Donald and Faith Higgins

Gee, if I'd known that the flyer I donated would have caused so much chatter back and forth, I would have done it sooner! Ed Murray

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