Michael Landon a.k.a. Little Joe Cartwright from Bonanza, 1965? 1966?

Jeanie Maker, Michael Landon, and Jim Callahan, taken by Sandy Giampapa at Pleasure Island, 1966? Jeanie and Jim were Pleasure Island employees. Jeanie's in Wakefield now and Jim in Rio.  
  Jeanie Maker, Michael Landon, and Jim Callahan,  
  These photos from William Strogilis sat here for a year or so with Rick Nelson's name on them. Luckily, Gale S. Wheeler came along to question this ID.  

"Michael Landon a.k.a. Little Joe Cartwright from Bonanza" fje221@mediaone.net

"Mike Landon in these pic's" from VanWin351@aol.com

"Good point. Why would Ricky Nelson carry a gun? Unless he was promoting a western movie. Was he in one?" k1wv@yahoo.com

"I believe that was Michael Landon, who was at Pleasure Island in either 1964 or 1965, most likely 1964."nhissong@qwest.net

"The pictures look like Michael Landon. He looks like he has a holster and gun strapped to his left hip. Most likely he was appearing as Little Joe Cartwright." Rascal43@aol.com

"Yup, must be Michael Landen, he was left handed, note the holster." dulongd@peoplepc.com

"It is Michael Landon" QUINNMIK4@cs.com

"It was Michael Landon in 1964. Myself and Larry Brehaut were the announcers." Chuck Sturtevant chuckhs@mediaone.net



It certainly looks like Michael Landon in the photo. Michael, who appeared only one day at the Show Bowl, arrived and left Pleasure Island using the helicopter from the helicopter ride. At the earliest, that ride operated during the 1965 season and I think most probably the year was 1966. I'm certain that it wasn't 1964 as that was the first year of the three years that I worked summers at PI and definitely there was no helicopter ride my first summer.

I had a picture taken with Michael Landon in the PI office by Sandy Giampapa, one of the PI owners. Sandy, a photography hobbyist, was always taking pictures of the happenings at the park during those years. I must have that picture someplace but I can't find it.

I still remember when Michael Landon took off his shirt in the PI office that I thought that Michael had the chest of a Greek God rather than of the young guy called "Little Joe", as one might expect from watching Bonanza.

Twice, I had to make out the check to pay him for the show. There was a dispute as to whether he should be paid for the first class air fare for his wife (who did not accompany him on the trip but it was stated in the contract that he was to receive $2500 plus the cost of two first class round trip airfares from Los Angles to Boston for him and his spouse). Michael was no pussycat and he left with the check for the total amount. An accountant, like myself, tends to remember the financial side of the past.

I really enjoy remembering those days.

Jim Callahan, from Rio de Janeiro

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