Pleasure Island Attractions
1962 Photo from Steve Garfield  
August 26, 1960 main entrance photo by Harold W. Boothroyd, Courtesy of the Walker Transportation Collection, Beverly Historical Society and Museum

1959 Photo Purchased on Ebay by Ray DiPirro

1967 Photo from James Repucci (age 12 with his mother in photo)
Illustration drawn before the park opened
1959 Night Photo from Ken Saunders, Park Announcer

Gate girl dress saved by Priscilla DiDonato Hendrick


I worked at Pleasure Island during the summers of 1961 and 1962 as a ticket sales person in one of those little booths in one of those giant, old-fashioned dresses. I enjoyed looking at the pictures on the Wakefield website. However, I have to admit that the whole thing is a very hazy memory. I do remember stars that came, etc. but not much about the park itself. Since I was stuck in that booth for 8 hours, I guess that is why I never wandered around the park very much. I do remember that I did not like my boss very much. Can't remember her name. She was always putting me on the night shift because I was engaged to Bob (1962) and he was overseas. Really irritated me! She assumed because I was not dating, that nights were for me Tudi Watkins

Drawing by Hope Dillaway for unpublished manuscript
Postcard from Bill Valentine


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