Pleasure Island Attractions
Horn donated to the Friends of Pleasure Island by Harry Chekos
  Slide from William Drury of Chelmsford  
1959 Jenney Car Photo Purchased on Ebay September 2001 by Ray DiPirro
  The Mercurio Family in 1964  
  1967 Photo from James Repucci (age 12 with his mother in photo)
1961 Photo from Sandy Crane of Saugus
  "In forward car is Robinson family of North Scituate. Driving: Scott 7 — Eric 3 — Mr.&Mrs. Nathaniel Robinson — in rear car is Doug Scott 10 yrs of Wakefield" Photo by Edward F. Carr for Benzaquin story in the Sunday Globe, July 12, 1959
Pleasure Island GAZETTE, 1967, from Richard Krol and Shirley Brown

Postcard from Ray DiPirro

Youngsters don't have to be 16 years old to drive the exicting Horseless Carriages over picturesque miniature turnpikes at Pleasure Island, big family recreation center in Wakefield, Mass. These one-cylinder 7 horsepower gasoline operated cars are reproductions of the 1911 Cadillacs and have only one control, which serves as an accelerator and brake. (On Route 128, exit 21-A, just 14 miles North of Boston.)
SA1210 —Color Photo by George F. Jeans

1962 Photo by Marilyn Peters
Page from sketch book for the Jenney Car Ride
The McBrides obtained this from the Hawkes

1959 Daily Item Advertisement
  1959 Slide from Carleton Kenerson  
Beth Moreton Anderson at Jenney Cars, brother Donny behind the wheel
From 1961 Brochure
John Di Donato, Jack Rennie, Henry Rufo in front of the "Horseless Carriages" sign
From Walter Sherman's Photo Collection at the Wakefield Historical Society

What Came After, from John Toczzydlowski
What Came After, from John Toczzydlowski
What Came After, from John Toczzydlowski
  "I was out there last winter, and walked around a little bit in the last overgrown area, where the jenny cars were. The track was still visible, but from what I've read that's probably gone now if they're breaking ground for new buildings." Keith Sullivan  


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