1959 List from the "Clipper Cove Gazette"
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Free Parking Lot

Colorful Entrance

Hood Barn and Snack Stand

Model old-fashioned New England farm, scene of Hood Farm Train Ride — surrey-type wagons drawn by a remodeled tractor

Clipper Cove, century-old New England seaport village

Dagett Chocolate Company's "Handspun" Shop

Bourdon's Clipper Cove Camera Shop

Merchants National Bank of Boston

Wreck of the Hesperus — dark ride simulating ships putting out to sea

Lighthouse and snack stand

Moby Dick — adventurous hunt for the great white whale over an inland sea in old whaleboats

Friend's Baked Beanery

Pepperidge Farm Bakery

Swift and Company's great meat market

Breck's Country Store

Cap'n Snow's Chowder House

Pirate Ride — Thatched Boats

Hood's Gay Nineties Ice Cream Parlor

Goldpan Gulch

Hotel Corporation of America's "Charterhouse" hotel

Old Chisolm Trail — dark ride simulating buckboard tour of the Chisolm Trail with animated Western characters and animals

Quannapowitt Publishers Print Shop

Pepsi-Cola's Diamond Lil Show — Western vaudeville shows presented each day

Gold Panning Operation — visitors panned for and actually found real gold, which could be assayed by the Merchants National Bank of Boston

Burro Ride — vistors rode a string of burros over desert wasteland

Stagecoach Ride — from the depot in Goldpan Gulch, visitors bumped alongside a portion of the Old Smoky Line

Pirate Cove — destination of the Pirate Boat Ride where visitors climbed through a huge tree house, walked the gangplank, and viewed buried treasure

Old Smoky Line — narrow-gauge steam training pulling five old-time passenger (and open) cars over nearly a mile of track

Magnetic House — story of an old sea captain's retirement in the West and the strange house he built defying the laws of gravity

Engine City — exhibits of all types of early steam engines and transportation, iincluding a hand pump fire engine, old railroad cars and engines, trucks and steam rolers

Jenney Horseless Carriage Ride — 1909 gasoline powered four-seater Cadillacs driven over specially constructed highways with bumper rails



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