Brochure "New at Pleasure Island"
from Beth Moreton

Famous Circus Acts (front of brochure) (cartoon)

Popeye the Sailor live in person... "Meet the one and only TV favorite POPEYE... Exclusively at Pleasure Island Daily all season Beginning June 24th"

24 exciting shows on 4 big stages all day every day

Kinderland of tomorrow

Continental Carousel

Water Buffalo Land & Sea Ride

Larry Harmon's TV Bozo the Clown's Skyscraper Slide "Climb the stairs, then slide down from the clous into a land of magical makebelieve."

Not new...

Outdoor showbowl (added 1960?) Highlight of your trip to Pleasure Island is the big stage show every day in the 5000-seat outdoor theatre. Here you'll see a world of entertainment.

Monkey Island (added 1960?) — You'll have more fun than a barrelful of monkeys when you visit Monkey Island.

Captain Kidd's Mystery Island — Sail by pirate boat to an exotic island where buccaneers of old buried their treasure.

Picnic Park (added 1960?) Here your family or group can relax and enjoy an outdoor meal in the comfort of a beautiful picnic ground.

Baby Animal Land (added 1960?) Here you can play with and feed many varieties of baby animals including deer, llamas, sheep, goats, pygmy donkeys, and a giant tortoise.

Wreck of the Hesperus — Glide through the silent world of the ocean floor and see an exciting panaroma of marine life in "liquid" space.

Moby Dick — "She blows!" Moby Dick, the great white whale, who sent Captain Ahab to Davey Jones locker.

Chisolm Trail Show Ride — Recapture the excitement of the old West, as you journey in a surrey back to frontier days, travelling in the footsteps of Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson.

Burro Trail Ride — The Burro Trail Ride is one of the most popular attractions at Pleasure Island.

Old Smokey Line — The great iron horse of pioneer days takes you on an exciting trip for a breathtaking panoramic view of Pleasure Island.

Engine City — Climb aboard and inspect an exciting collection of Iron Horses of yesteryear which played an important part in American History.

Horseless Carriage Land — Here everyone, young and old, can drive an old time gas-driven Cadillac in complete safety. Kids usually drive while Mom and Dad ride in the back.



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