Pleasure Island Attractions
Debbie, John Alan & Margie (from Toody's) D'Amico with Fawn  
August 26, 1960 Baby Animal Land Photo by Harold W. Boothroyd, Courtesy of the Walker Transportation Collection, Beverly Historical Society and Museum  
Louise (Mercurio) Langlois (age 9) and Ann (Mercurio) Strykowski (age 15) 1964  
Animal Land 1964 Animal Land 1964
Nick Davis at Animal Land in 1965 (More Photos)
  Burro ClippingClipping from E.B Willis of her son James and Janis Sawtelle with baby burro in 1963  
1962 Photo by Marilyn Peters
1962 Photo by Marilyn Peters
1967 Brochure
  The animal farm was not a glamorous place to work. The sheep got hoof and mouth disease and several died and had to be picked up, wheelbarrowed to vacant land and buried. The llamas were nasty and horny and put on daily perrformances for children to ask their parents what they were doing. The animal droppings had to be broomed up several times and day which meant pushing a broom over the entire animal farm area and getting extremely dusty and dirty. I was glad when school started again! Charles McManuis  
Image from John Toczydlowski
  From the Mary Mahoney scrapbook at the Wakefield Historical Society


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