A walk around the park with John Toczydlowski in May of 1975

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Front Gate

Baby Animal Farm Large Animal Shelter

Baby Animal Farm Buildings
Baby animal farm area with red building where John bought cones with carrots to feed animals

Souvenir Shop seen from baby animal farm, cement turtle pit in foreground.
Souvenir Shop


Souvenir Shop


Stores where John bought seahorses opposite Souvenir Shop


Moby Dick Wharf with Captain Kidd sign in background.

Lighthouse Lighthouse taken from the inside looking up, burned but stucco and wire frame holding tower up.


Pirate Boats on Beach Area


Gold Panning  

Parents Rest are Near Goldpan Station and Burro Ride

Lighthouse seen from Parents Rest Area

Going toward railroad water trestle.

Lighthouse and Pirate Wharf, Main Street and Front Gate

  Water Trestle  


Waterway to Pirate Island & Indian village as seen from R.R. water tressel.


Pirate Island Wharf

Pirate Island tree house base
Pirate Island fort gun platform.


Indian Village store Indian village painted rock

Land Trestle in Western City
Saloon and Western City seen from land trestle
Western City sign placed at beginning of Gold Pan Gulch.

Train Station

Lucky Lucy mine, Slanted Shanty area.


Road going away from the Western city; Ice Cream Parlor is on the right.

Ice Cream Parlor

Looking up at inside celing of Ice Cream Parlor.

General store and left side of Main Street with Ice Cream Parlor in the Background

Stores on left side of cove looking toward entrance, with Shutterbug on right.
Shutterbug & Costume Jewelry Store


Stores on right side of Main Street going toward Clipper Cove

Main Street going toward Clipper Cove; lighthouse is in shambles.    

Main Street, right side, looking toward Clipper Cove Pirate Dock




Horseless Carriage Building and Area

Horseless carrage ride

Horseless carrage track Horseless carrage ride with the maintenance building in the background.

Parking Lot with Kartland in the background. Parking Lot

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