Images from around 1975

from John Toczydlowski's slides

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The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

"After the fire when security left, Main St. on the left is the roof of the hat shop,in the center & on right , glass store magic store etc." John Toczydlowski

"General store on left, Ice cream parlor unburnt on right." John Toczydlowski

"...includes the Hood Building also. Hood is the structure to the right but I can't quite get the angle enough to figure out the structure on the left...I'll have to do a little more research." Brian MacKenna

"Ice cream parlor," John Toczydlowski

"I'm guessing that those are what's left of the east side of the 'western city.' I forget the name but wasn't 'Gulch' included?" Frank McGrath

"Hood French-American Ice Cream Parlor... looking at the right-side of it with the front entrance on the left." Brian MacKenna

"Saloon and Western city," John Toczydlowski

"Looking at the Saloon from main st. with the hill for the train in the back
ground. The front of this building looks the same as photo J." Dick Mohla

"Chisom trail & Trading post," John Toczydlowski

"Wreck of The Hesperus from main st. with the Pirate Cove in the back ground." Dick Mohla

Front Gate

"Showbowl," John Toczydlowski

"Looks like the area where Bob Holt and I drove the water Buffalo, east of the Show Bowl." Frank McGrath

"Saloon & Western city as seen from Railroad station," John Toczydlowski

"This photo looks like it was taken from the hill in front of the train station looking at the saloon." Dick Mohla

Snack Bar

"Railroad station," John Toczydlowski

"I'd guess that this is the animal farm taken from the area of the parking lot." Frank McGrath

Lighthouse from cove


"Looking down Main
St. toward the main gate," John Toczydlowski

"Leaving Moby Dick cove as seen from the M.B. dock," John Toczydlowski

"Souvenir store on the left & stores where I bought the sea horses on the right." John Toczydlowski



" 'And there on our right you can see an old schooner that used to travel up and down the coast of Africa trading with the natives.' It bugs me that I can no longer give the whole Moby Dick spiel accurately by heart." Frank McGrath




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