Pleasure Island Attractions
First known as Clipper Cove
Schooner in Cove 1965 from Joe Tringale  
Schooner in Cove, Photographed by Ray DiPirro, October 2001  
Schooner in Cove, Photographed by Ray DiPirro, October 2001  
The Mercurio Family in 1964
  "Porpoise suns himself on bank" Photo by Edward F. Carr for Benzaquin story in the Sunday Globe, July 12, 1959 (We think Edward F. Carr spent a little too long in the sun before writing this caption.)
May 9 1959 — LAND LOCKED SCHOONER -- A 20 ton schooner that once sailed with the Grand Bank fishing fleet off Newfoundland was brought to a permanent berth at Wakefield Monday from Portland Maine. Bourdon Studios  
Captain Kidd with Ronnie Kashishian, 1963
Captain Kidd, Herb Sauve, in 1963
Captain Kidd, Herb Sauve
1962 Photo by Marilyn Peters
Post Card
  Pencil Sketch by Priscilla DiDonato Hendrick

by Priscilla DiDonato Hendrick
aka "Lady Nell" "Gia the Gypsy"

Images of Schooner in the Cove from John Toczydlowski What Came After
  In August 1976, the schooner was destroyed after being burnt three times but the ship was not like this. At low water, this is about what it looks like today, however there is in this photo a pipe in front of the ship. I think that it was the anchoring pipe for the canoe that the boats circled around. This photo angle looks like it was taken from a boat in the pond. (John Toz)  


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