Pleasure Island Attractions
This image from the Boston Globe library and the accompanying copy were sent to the Globe by Guy Livingston, Press Representative for Pleasure Island, for release Sunday, March 11, 1962.

Artist's Sketch of 5,000-Seat Pleasure Island Pavillion
  Plans for the erection of a 5,000-seat Pleasure Island Pavillion, designed as a multiple use year around facility, were announced today by Walter A. Smith, Jr., president of Pleasure Island, a $4 million theme park at Wakefield. Hugh Stubbins and Associates are the architects for the building, construction of which will start in September of 1962. The structure, suitable for use by the park in the summer and for ice hockey, skating, winter carnivals, ice shows, etc. in the winter, will be built adjacent to the present 3,000-car parking lot. It will have 35,000 square feet of exhibit area available for North Shore trade shows, and the facility will be ready for use in the summer of 1963.  


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