Pleasure Island Attractions

Didn't we also have a helicopter ride there once? Norma Hissong 2/6/01 3:10 p.m:

I remember that there was a helicopter ride offered from that field as late as 1967 or '68. Mark Sardella 2/6/01 5:34 p.m.

Now that you mention it, I seem to recall being able to see the helicopter while traveling Rte 128 along that stretch of road. I was young then (just a passenger) am I just imagining the helicopter? Tom C. 2/6/01 8:45 p.m.

The helicopter ride was located outside of the main park in the parking lot, not far from the back gate and Kartland. The ride cost $5 per person (seemed expensive at the time). The helicopter company got 75% of the proceeds. It operated for less than a full season. One of the ticket girls and I took the trip which lasted about 5 minutes, with three passengers and one pilot. They didn't charge us as we took care of the ticket booth. Financially, the ride was not a success. The year was probably 1966. For sure it was the same year that Michael Landon appeared at the park for one day. I remember he took the helicopter to Logan airport for his return flight to LA. Jim Callahan 2/7/01 4:48 a.m.



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